When creating a BackupAssist 365 task, you will provide the user name and password for the mail or storage account that you want to back up. These details are entered directly into the account that you are backing up, using that mail or storage account's login screen. For example, if you back up your Gmail account, you are typing the Gmail username and password into Gmail for authentication.

Your login credentials

Your login credentials are never transmitted to us or to any third party. Your credentials are used for only one purpose: to log into your mail and storage accounts so that you can select and download your data and keep a local backup copy.


BackupAssist 365 uses the best possible technological safeguards to protect the privacy and integrity of your data. Your credentials are stored only on this computer, and securely encrypted with an encryption key that is unique and tied down to this computer. When connecting to storage and mail services we use TLS (commonly known as https or SSL) to encrypt the data in transit between your mail or storage provider and this computer.