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This is the last chance to submit your feedback before the live release of BackupAssist v6!

A big thanks to everyone who participated in testing BackupAssist v6 Beta 3 and returned their feedback in time to meet our very
tight deadline.

BackupAssist Beta 4 is out now and once again, we're racing against the clock. The final date for feedback is August 5th 2010 - and as this is the last beta in the series, this is also your last chance to submit your feedback before BackupAssist v6 goes live!

Please download the beta and the release notes right away!

Your feedback on the previous beta was fantastic. The new v6 Beta 4 release notes include a number of fixes resulting from that feedback, as well as several new features that we'd like you to try out. To download v6 Beta 3 and the release notes now, just type in your Beta Tester ID in the box at the top right hand corner of this page and click the link for the release notes.

To speed up the process, we've outlined some specific tests for you to run.


Memory usage
  • You should notice a large improvement in the memory usage for the BackupAssistService.exe (service) and BackupAssist.exe (console), especially for mailbox backups.
Mailbox backups
  • We've made numerous fixes to the mailbox engine, so anyone who experienced problems with mailbox backups, including memory and performance issues, should retest them now.
  • Exchange 2010 users should no longer need to retain a Public Folder database if they don't need to - please retry and give us your 2010 feedback
  • Public Folder backups have been improved, so you can add these back as a selection in the Exchange servers tab and let us know if you experience any difficulties.
System State
  • System State backups and restores are now handling Active Directory properly, and you should be prompted to reboot into the Active Directory Restore Mode if necessary during a System State restore.
TrueCrypt-compatible encryption (File Replication and NTBackup)
  • We have a new encryption option for File Replication and NTBackup jobs that performs backups into a TrueCrypt-compatible "container".
  • Anyone browsing the backup destination will only see a single TrueCrypt container file, called, rather than a list of backup sets, making the contents of your backups hidden and safe from prying eyes.
  • Backups can be restored from the container using the BackupAssist Restore Console or TrueCrypt itself.
  • It is best to use 100% of an entire disk when configuring a TrueCrypt-compatible backup job, but you can configure the job to use a specified amount of disk space.
  • To enable TrueCrypt-compatible encryption, check the Encrypt backup with TrueCrypt-compatible encryption during the 'Choose destination' step when creating a File Replication or NTBackup job. You can also enable TrueCrypt-compatible encryption when changing the destination of an existing File Replication or NTBackup job.
SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  • We can now confirm support for 32bit and 64bit versions of SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 within the SQL Restore utility (SQL database backup has not been changed).
Rsync encryption
  • We've fixed a bug causing Rsync jobs to hang for 60 seconds after canceling.
  • We haven't heard too much about the Rsync encryption feature, so please let us know if this is working for you, or if there is more we can do to help keep your data safe "in the cloud".
Image restore from NAS using the Restore Console
  • We've fixed our catalogue support for non-NTFS locations, so you can test whether you can browse and restore from image backups residing on a NAS device using the BackupAssist Restore Console.
Mailbox restore using the Restore Console
  • Many fixes and enhancements have been made to the Restore Console for mailbox backups, so we would appreciate it if you could re-test all mailbox restore processes.
  • Most important improvement: you can now migrate mailbox data by restoring mailboxes/Public Folders from one server to another. This includes the ability to select the destination mailboxes you are restoring to, for cases where the destination server has a different mailbox naming convention or different organisation structure.
  • There is also a new restore to "PST export path" option for mailbox restore that you are welcome to try.

Submitting your feedback.

We're looking for any bugs that may appear on your particular system (it should be noted that the beta may have bugs and other limitations and should only be used on non-critical computers for testing purposes). We'd also like to hear any suggestions for other improvements or constructive criticism that you may have to offer.

Submitting your feedback is simple - just click the Contact Support link at the bottom left corner of the V6 beta 4 console. (This will go straight to our Dev Team for consideration and we may get back to you for further details if required.)

The 'Most Helpful' Beta Test Prizes will be awarded when this test is complete.

Prizes will be awarded to the 'Most Helpful' Beta Testers when this last test is completed - and it isn't too late for you win a prize! We'll be awarding quite a few prizes to testers of each beta individually as well as a prize for the 'Most Helpful' Beta Tester during the entire series.

Remember, this is your last chance to have your say in the final product before BackupAssist v6 goes live - and the final deadline for your feedback is 5th August 2010! So don't wait to get testing, log in with your Beta Tester ID and start testing v6 Beta 4 right now!

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