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Why it Might Be Time to Switch to Edge

The age of Microsoft Edge may be here for SysAdmins. Here’s why it might be time to finally switch over from Chrome or Firefox.

Disaster Prep: An IT Hurricane Checklist

Do you live in a hurricane-prone area? Whether it’s for current or future disasters, here’s how to ensure your business continuity.

Scottish Brewery Tanked by Ransomware Attack

A Scottish brewery is drowning its sorrows in the wake of a devastating ransom attack in which it was hit up for £9,600 to get its data back.

Some Outage Communication Tips

There’s more to an outage than just getting things running again. How you keep your customers in the loop is vital to your business’s survival.

Are You Protected? Powershell-Based Malware

PowerShell is being used as an attack avenue for malware. Here’s what you should do to insulate yourself against this latest threat.

Ransomware Cripples Global Shipping Company

A mystery ransomware strain recently crippled one of the world’s largest shipping companies by shutting down American communications.