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SysAdmin Halloween Horror Posters: Your Worst Nightmare

There’s a rattling in the server room. Nervously, you unlock the door. One of your coworkers is destroying the SAN with a hammer, and he’s out of control! Three men wrest him to the ground. […]

BackupAssist v9.5 released

BackupAssist v9.5 Released! Now Supports Windows Server 2016.

Itching to upgrade to Windows Server 2016? Now you can, and keep your backups completely intact. Version 9.5 is out, and it includes baseline support for Microsoft’s server software. So what exactly is baseline support? Well, it […]

Dealing with Exploit Kits

What is an Exploit Kit? How Hackers Hunt Your Old Software

You’re browsing the web on a trusted website. You click on an regular-looking link. Suddenly, the website changes on you. A splash screen appears.  You read it out, a pit forming in your stomach as you see the skull […]

Should I Go With Hyper-V or VMware? Informing Your Decision.

When virtualizing your servers, the choice usually comes down to this: “Should I go with Hyper-V or VMware?” With more than half of all server workloads being virtualized, your choice of Hypervisor is very important. […]

How Being a SysAdmin Is Like Being the Village Sage

Wild weather. Roaming raiders. Building walls. And one person with a little bit more knowledge than the rest trying to keep the village safe. Let’s face it. From the bronze age to the digital age, things haven’t changed that much. Our […]

Australian Office Closed 1st November for Melbourne Cup Day

Our Australian Office will be closed for the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday in the state of Victoria, Australia, on Tuesday the 1st of November 2016.  As a result, our APAC Sales team will be unavailable, and Technical Support […]