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Water Microfluidic Cooling

Microfluidic Cooling: Will future server chips be water-based?

Almost every tech lover has heard of Moore’s Law: that computer power doubles every two years at the same cost. But these days Moore’s law is under threat—we can’t seem to upgrade our microchips any more while […]

Risk of not having Backup and Recovery Software

The Costs of Not Having Backup and Recovery Software

People are asking the wrong question. And it’s been going on for quite some time, particularly in the higher echelons of business. The question shouldn’t be “How much is it going to cost to buy […]

free VMware to Hyper-V switch

Free Switching from VMware to Hyper-V; Microsoft’s Big Bid

Thinking of switching from VMware to Hyper-V? Microsoft is breaking out all the stops to poach their competitor’s customers, even offering free licenses to Windows Server Datacenter. With Microsoft’s imminent release of Windows Server 2016, scheduled for September […]

US Office closed on 5th September for Labor Day

Dear Valued Customers, Our US office will be closed on Monday the 5th September 2016 for the Labor Day public holiday. Staff from our technical support and sales teams located in our US office will be unavailable […]

DNA Data Storage Server

DNA Data Storage and Computing: The Future of Data?

Imagine a world where instead of using a hard drive, you store your data in your own genes: up to 1,000,000,000 TB in a speck on your hand. Science fiction? Not quite. Big name companies like […]

EOL Software Risks Server Security; IT Experts

One of the greatest risks to your server is running EOL operating systems and software on it. Here’s why.