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Jigsaw Ransomware: The Saw-movie inspired ransomware out for chaos, not cash.

It’s official—2016 is the worst year for ransomware on record. Nasty malware like Mischa, Petya, and Samsam are making the rounds. But Jigsaw, which showed up two months ago, stands apart from the rest.

US Office Closed for Independence Day – 4th July, 2016

Our US Support Office will be closed on Monday 4th July due to the Independence Day public holiday.  However, Australian support and sales will both continue to operate as normal.

What is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

If you’ve ever heard of encryption, you’ve probably heard the term ‘AES’. But for those of us who aren’t cryptographers, what exactly is it? We answer just that in this blog article. along with who […]

Version 9.4: Full SQL Server 2016 support and more!

  If you’re a user of v9, you know it’s our most exciting edition yet. We’ve introduced several powerful new features, from rapid VM guest recovery to the introduction of bootable backups. Now there’s even more reason […]

Going Virtual, Part 4 – Performing a P2V Server Migration

It’s time to take the Physical to Virtual (P2V) plunge with your servers. Here’s a tick-list of things you should make sure to do when virtualizing your business systems and data.  If you haven’t already, read […]

Eight Top Features of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016

With its public launch two weeks ago, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 widely available. But like with any product release, the first question is ‘What’s it offer for my data?’ It’s a fair question, especially […]