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Work at home and keeping focused

Offsite Tech Employee? Here’s Five Ways To Keep Focused

Are you a “Work From Home” employee? It’s becoming increasingly more common, particularly in the tech industry. When you’re a developer or programmer, it really helps to be in your own cozy environment when you’ve […]

iSCSI lessons in backup

Backing up to iSCSI with BackupAssist: The Basics

BackupAssist offers several advantages over traditional backup when it comes to iSCSI storage devices. Here is all you need to know if you plan to use BackupAssist to back up your data to an iSCSI target.

Microsoft Word 1.0 - A History

IT History Flashback: Microsoft Releases Word 1.0

It’s almost exactly 33 years ago to the day since Microsoft released its very first software application, Microsoft Word 1.0. And if you think it’s expensive now, you should have seen how much it cost […]

The Cost of Ransomware in 2016: $1 Billion and Rising.

  If you’re reading this, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ve been hit by ransomware this year already, according to an Osterman Research Study. Since last year, ransomware attacks have more than doubled, jumping from 23k […]

Microsoft's Edge in fighting Socially Engineered Malware SEM

Microsoft Edge beats Chrome, Firefox in Anti-Malware Tests

In an unexpected upset, Microsoft Edge has smashed popular browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it comes to blocking malware and phishing attacks. Microsoft’s built-in browser blocked the highest amount of socially engineered malware […]

How Granular Restores Improve Business Efficiency

Users lose things. Passwords. E-mails. Documents. Your sanity. Sure as the sun sets, if they have something, they’re going to lose it—and turn to you to get it back again. When you retrieve their lost […]