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Double-trouble Ransomware ‘Petya’ and ‘Mischa’ throw out the rulebook; targets businesses, HR Employees and IT support.

If you’re familiar with Ransomware, you know its organized crime. Hackers target your precious data, encrypting and locking it behind a passkey only they have. You pay the ransom, you get the key and your […]

Are you gambling with your business? The big costs of data loss on SMBs.

When you’re busy trying to build up your small to medium business, it can be hard to spare the time to think about data loss. But statistics show businesses are sunk up to 70% of […]

10 Reasons to upgrade from BackupAssist v7

  At the end of September this year, support for BackupAssist v7 will come to an end. You will still be able to use BackupAssist v7, but you will not receive any software updates or […]

Back Up A Second! A List of Backup Software Acronyms

We’ll admit it; there are tons of acronyms in the backup software industry. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the entire lingo, like RPO, CSV, or VHD. If you’re finding yourself scratching your head […]

CMC Server Upgrade – Important Information

For users of our Centralized Management Console (CMC), big changes are coming. The sharp and steady growth of our partner’s businesses has necessitated that we, too, grow to match their needs. If you’re a user […]