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Funny Questions You Can Ask Cortana in Windows 10

The Windows 10 assistant, Cortana, definitely has a sense of humor. You might have also met here if you have a Windows Phone. It’s clear that Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. In some […]

Five Things In Life You Wish You Could Backup and Restore

We’ve all had that fantasy of being able to rewind time and get a do-over. It’s simple with data, but not so simple with everything else! Here’s a list of five things in life you […]

The 7 Best Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

Choosing the best backup and recovery software possible is essential for your business and server continuity. Here’s our top seven software solutions for protecting your servers and data.

Worst Data Loss Disasters History

Five Worst Data Loss Disasters of All Time

Data loss. From burnt up scrolls to corrupted servers, data loss has plagued humanity since the dawn of written history.   Now, in the Information Age, we’ve never had so much data at once—or so much to […]

Spotlight: Using a Static Backup Schedule with BackupAssist

Do you run a Basic, Intermediate, Professional or Grandfather-Father-Son Backup Schedule? If you do, then you’re running what’s known as a static backup schedule. Unlike other schedules, where you can keep the number of backups you […]

Cerber virus hits microsoft office 365 users

Cerber ransomware hits over half of Office 365 users globally; Avanan.

Millions of Office 365 users were recently struck with malicious malware that bypassed Microsoft’s built-in security and devastated their systems. Almost as unnerving as malware smashing so easily through Microsoft safeguards was the fact that […]