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4kB Sector sized disks and the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

Hi everyone, For some time, the Microsoft Block Level Backup engine has had difficulties backing up to 4kB sector sized disks. The VHD libraries that it uses rely on 512B sectors on the backup disk. […]

USB 3.0 speed testing

Hi all, Over the last few weeks, I’ve been speed testing USB 3.0 as an alternative to eSATA. I’ve got some results to report! For spinning media, USB 3.0 is basically as fast as SATA. […]

Windows Server Backup – Bare metal restore off iSCSI

Hi All, On Tuesday, I think we performed a world’s first operation on our test environments… a bare metal restore from a backup on iSCSI target, from the Windows Recovery Environment. The problem is that […]

USB Disk as RAW when plugged in; backup not working

Hi all, If you see any issues where a newly connected USB disk appears as RAW or does not get assigned a drive letter, this may well solve it. Go and run diskpart, and type […]

Other backup software can interfere with BackupAssist

Hi all, We had a support issue recently where a client of ours was using a 3rd party imaging product, and then using the BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on to transfer those images to Tape. Unfortunately, there […]

I’m back from a national tour of the SMBiT Groups!

Hi everyone, I’ve just wound up a tour around Australia of the SMBiT Groups – Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. Needless to say, I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it – getting up […]