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4 data backup innovations that are changing the game

If you’re not aware that data backup is important, you’ve obviously never owned a computer.  The simple fact is that everyone needs to ensure data that matters to them is backed up or chances are […]

Free backup software for business sound too good to be true? 3 reasons it probably is

Everyone likes a freebie.  We’re not going to deny it.  And when it comes to backing up your teenage daughter’s Bieber songs or some photos with the in-laws from the Christmas before last, trusting free […]

Tape backup – Has Sony raised the dead? (With infographic)

Well, good work Sony.  And just when we thought the ‘is tape backup dead?’ argument had been resolved once and for all with a resounding yes.  Why is a black or white answer never an […]

3 things they haven’t told you about server backup

Sever backup is a complex beast.  There are many different factors to take into consideration and a huge headache worth of choices to make when it comes to ensuring your business servers are properly protected.  […]

Simple ways to supercharge your offsite backup strategy

Offsite backup is important.  Really.  If you don’t know this already, either you’re doing it wrong or your company has been lucky and hasn’t lost important data (so far…).  Chances are your business already understands […]

5 reasons trusting built-in windows backup can be a bad idea

5 reasons trusting built-in Windows Backup can be a bad idea Surprise, surprise, a built-in feature of Windows may not be the best tool for getting the job done.  Windows Backup limitations are widely known, […]