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6 tips for keeping users’ Exchange Mailbox sizes down

  Keeping users’ mailbox sizes to a reasonable limit is something that many IT pros and system admins struggle with. Here we’ve got together some of the quickest and easiest tips, sourced from across the […]

Building network backups at your small business

For many businesses starting out, especially those experiencing waves of rapid growth, it’s easy to develop a backup strategy with little thought about the best way to protect a burgeoning network. At this stage in […]

May Newsletter

Our May newsletter started hitting inboxes today As usual, it’s got all the usual stuff: interesting news, handy support tips and funny articles. May’s contents include Our New Exchange Backup and Restore BackupAssist v7.0.2 Release […]

7 things you don’t want in your server room

It’s going to be a bad day when you pop into the server room to use your favorite backup software and find…

Convince your boss to spend on backups for your Windows servers

(or why YOU should invest in server backups) You never know what’s around the corner. Fire, flood or even good old fashioned malfunctions can bring your servers offline. Sometimes it’s a slog getting your boss […]

Floods and remote backups: keeping data safe with BackupAssist v7

  I grew up in a small town towards the north of Australia. Every few years or so, the wide river that snaked through our town would swell with monsoonal rains and break its banks, […]