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Creating a disaster recovery plan

Disaster planning and business continuity are tasks that, like healthy eating and regular exercise, are often left by the wayside in a busy small or medium company. Today, I’d like to take you through the […]

5 great tools that every sysadmin should know about

As every good worker knows, you don’t need to blame anything if you’re using the right tools. Here we’ve brought together five of the most useful, everyday tools and resources that will help out every […]

Getting the most from Exchange Granular Restore

With the upcoming release of Exchange Granular Restore from its beta, we thought now might be a good time to run through the parts of the add-on that will be most useful to you.

Backing up individual Hyper-V machines

So you’ve seen the light, been through and virtualized your office. Job well done. Now you probably thought about this before doing all that work but how are you going to backup all these new […]

Scheduling backups – a scheme of your own

  On Friday last week I went over just how important schedules are, how they are essentially the cornerstone of any backup strategy. Well today we’re going to put them to good use. We’ll create […]

Scheduling backups – the long and the short of it

Schedules describe when your backups take place and how long each backup is retained for.  These two considerations are at the heart of a data protection strategy, because they determine what options you will have […]