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AUS Support Office Closed for Queen’s Birthday Holiday – Mon 9th June 2014

Our Australian support office will be closed for the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday on Monday the 9th of June 2014.  As such, our Australian support team will be unavailable on this day.  However, US support will […]

3 things they haven’t told you about server backup

Sever backup is a complex beast.  There are many different factors to take into consideration and a huge headache worth of choices to make when it comes to ensuring your business servers are properly protected.  […]

Simple ways to supercharge your offsite backup strategy

Offsite backup is important.  Really.  If you don’t know this already, either you’re doing it wrong or your company has been lucky and hasn’t lost important data (so far…).  Chances are your business already understands […]

US Support Office Closed for Memorial Day – 26th May 2014

Our US support office will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday 26th of May 2014.  As such, our US support team will be unavailable on this day.  However, Australian support will continue to operate […]

5 reasons trusting built-in windows backup can be a bad idea

5 reasons trusting built-in Windows Backup can be a bad idea Surprise, surprise, a built-in feature of Windows may not be the best tool for getting the job done.  Windows Backup limitations are widely known, […]

Does online backup have its head in the Cloud?

Online backup options are steadily increasing in variety and dropping in price.  Accordingly, the concept of offloading data storage headaches to a Cloud provider can be an alluring prospect to businesses. But while online backup […]