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Using BackupAssist Central Administration

If you have many copies of BackupAssist installed on many machines, Central Administration is a new feature in BackupAssist v7 that will let you easily control every copy. This video shows you how to set […]

Why you should still use tape for backups

While tape isn’t the ubiquitous backup medium it was a few years ago it remains hugely popular according to a recent survey by Spiceworks. Around 35% of the small businesses surveyed relied on tape to […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: Making Sure Your Files Restore

Concept art via Pixar So the guys at Pixar are sitting there, most of Toy Story 2 sitting in digital tatters around them with no working backups when Technical Director Galyn Susman realises she has […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: Trying and Testing Your Backups

Pixar studios. A stray command is zapping thousands of lines of code pulling apart Toy Story 2 in mere seconds. Oren Jacobs, the Visual Effects Lead, scrambles to the phone and quickly dials IT, demanding […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: Understanding reporting and testing notifications

I heard this story about Pixar a few years ago: in the middle of making Toy Story 2 one of the coders accidentally ran a command which began deleting chunks of the movie and it wouldn’t stop until there […]

Tape Backup Infographic

Magnetic tape for digital storage has now been around for over 60 years and in the tech world, that’s more than old, it’s positively ancient. After reading some recent survey results which showed that for many […]