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Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Available

Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows Server 2012 R2 as part of the MS Build conference going on in San Francisco for the next two days.

The 10 biggest data breaches in the last 10 years

  Protecting your data isn’t just about backups, you’ve also got to stop others from gaining access to your data. Over the last few years plenty of big corporations, ones that we know and trust […]

Discovery means 212x more storage on optical disks

Scientists in Australia have figured out a way to cram a petabyte onto a single optical disk, similar to a DVD or Blu-Ray. That’s right a disk like one of those old DVDs gathering dust […]

June Newsletter

Our newsletter for June is out! It’s got the the latest information on upcoming (and exciting) product releases and the latest backup news from around the globe: June’s contents include: Announcing our new add-on, Exchange […]

How we backup at BackupAssist

As a backup business, one thing we often get asked is how we backup our own business. Well today, ladies and gentlemen, all will be revealed.

The 5 worst places to keep your offsite backups

This is just a short list of all those places you really don’t want to keep your backups. Add more in the comments section if you’ve got anything scarier…