It’s 2019, and you’d be forgiven in thinking that fax machines – a 1980’s technology – would be on the way out. But apparently the SysAdmin’s worst nightmare device is actually becoming more popular, according to a worldwide survey.

Despite the technology not improving much in the last four decades, a survey of 200 large firms found 82 percent had seen workers send the same number of, or even more, faxes than the previous year. The survey was conducted in 2017, and a different survey conducted in the same year found 89 percent of IT professionals still send faxes.

According to the results, fax use is increasing specifically in the industry of government, finance, health care, and manufacturing.

Why People Still Love Fax Machines

It seems like a mystery why people are still in love with these archaic and problematic devices. If you’re wondering why this is the case – and why people should ditch them – read our lengthy article on the subject.

Posted by Adam Ipsen

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