Murphys laws backup recovery computing

It’s Murphy’s Law—what can go wrong, will go wrong. Of course, the same holds true for your data!

Here’s a list of funny laws that always seem to hold true when it comes to backup and recovery.

The Five Laws of Backup and Recovery

1. If you forget to save your work, it will break down when you’ve been at it for an hour or more.

funny laws of backup recovery

2. The longer you go without backing up a system, the higher the chance of that system crashing.

murphy's law backup funny


 3. File Recovery is always needed when the sysadmin has immediately left.

Murphys laws backup recovery computing


4. Deadlines attract computer crashes, data corruption and data loss. It’s because you’re in a hurry.

Murphys laws backup recovery computing


5. The man who can smile when a server crashes has thought of someone he can blame it on.



Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

When it comes to your data, it pays to make sure your data is protected. It’s no laughing matter when your boss or employees are staring at you and wondering what happened to your server data, only to find out there were no backups made!

Make sure you’re not subject to the Murphy’s laws of Backup and Recovery. BackupAssist is the number #1 Backup and Recovery software for users of Windows. If an emergency strikes, spin up your servers in seconds and minimize your downtime!

Don’t let your servers be part of a punchline. Download the free, 30-day trial of BackupAssist and try it out for yourself. Alternatively, read more about how BackupAssist can protect your data.

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