Rsync error “socket operation on non-socket”

Some of our users have recently reported seeing the following error in their rsync logs: rsync: Failed to dup/close: Socket operation on non-socket (108) rsync error: error in IPC code (code 14) at pipe.c(72) [sender=3.0.3] […]

Unattended upgrade script – BETA

Hi all, How do you upgrade a BackupAssist installation? Well, up until now, the answer has been: manually. But one of our Aussie helpdesk team, Aaron, has done a great job in writing a VB […]

Flash floods near our Louisville office: please be patient

Hi all, Yesterday, we had wild weather near our Louisville USA office, with severe flash floods affecting both Kentucky and Indiana. At various times during the day our power, phones and network were down for […]

Rsync performance on different processors – Atom performs quite well

Hi all, A few weeks ago, we did some additional tests on the Intel Atom processor to see if it was suitable to use as an Rsync Server. It’s possible to get inexpensive PCs with […]

Recovering a Windows 2008 System State from an image backup created with the Server 2008 backup wizard, wbadmin or BackupAssist

Recovering the system state of your server from a created by the Server 2008 backup wizard, wbadmin or BackupAssist image backup is a very simple process. To begin you’ll need to have done the following: […]

Backing up Exchange 2003 with Rsync and File Replication

In BackupAssist 5.2.2 we introduced support for backing up Exchange 2007 via Rsync and File Replication. Instructions for how to do that are in this previous blog post. (That post only mentions Rsync, but the […]