Other backup software can cause problems with BackupAssist!

Hi all, Recently we’ve had a number of support issues where problems have been caused when people evaluate BackupAssist alongside other backup products. In general, BackupAssist does not install any special drivers or do anything […]

Disk to disk to tape backup (D2D2T) in BackupAssist

Hi all, I was asked recently if Disk-to-disk-to-tape backup was possible in BackupAssist. The answer is YES, if your tape drive sits on a Windows 2003, XP or 2000 machine. Note: Our support for tape […]

BackupAssist v5.2.4 released

We’ve just released version 5.2.4 of BackupAssist. This is a maintenance release fixing issues discovered by several of our customers running RSync and File Replication backups, so you should upgrade to 5.2.4 if you are […]

Server 2008 Imaging and VSS Application Support – registry keys

Hi all, Today I was asked how we provide VSS application support (eg. Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V) for Windows Server Backup. It’s standard practice to add in the GUIDs of each VSS writer to the […]

How to restore a Server 2008 image backup to a new Hyper-V VM from NAS

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Iain Jordinson from Windows Rescue in Queensland, Australia for finding this solution! It is possible to restore an Server 2008 image backup to a Hyper-V VM, but unless you know this trick, […]

BackupAssist v5.2.3 released

v5.2.3 of BackupAssist was released on 30th April. This is a non-critical release that fixes one bug: – For jobs that include an Exchange 2007 consistency check, BackupAssist will now send backup report notifications by […]