Restoring Exchange 2007 to a Recovery Storage Group / merging mailboxes

Hi all, After hours of head banging and hair tearing, we’ve discovered how to restore Exchange 2007 storage groups to a recovery storage group from a VSS backup. [Doing it from a streaming backup – […]

What’s the difference between downloads – normal or Server Core

Hello all, For a few months now we’ve offered a separate download for BackupAssist running on Server Core. You’ll notice that it’s a lot bigger than the normal download – about 90 meg versus 19 […]

Hyper-V backup using Windows Server Backup

Hey all, Here’s a rough guide to backing up Hyper-V guests (partitions) from the host (root) machine using the drive imaging method in BackupAssist. Activate the Hyper-V VSS writer for Windows Server Backup by clicking […]

How is our Tape Drive support for Windows Server 2008 going?

Hi all, Just to keep you updated with progress – we’re making good headway on our Tape Drive backup engine for Server 2008. It’ll be a partial replacement for NTBackup, primarily targeted at Server 2008 […]

Hyper-V and Windows Server Backup – getting it to run fast

Hi all, As stated in a previous blog post, Hyper-V Backup Solution, I stated that the time taken for subsequent backups was comparable to the initial backup. Well, I think I have found a solution […]

How to backup SharePoint Services on Server 2008 for imaging

Hi all, If you’re running Server 2008 and imaging the system using the block-level backup, then you can actually backup any VSS aware applications as well. (n.b. Exchange is handled separately – see my other […]