BackupAssist v5.2.3 released

v5.2.3 of BackupAssist was released on 30th April. This is a non-critical release that fixes one bug: – For jobs that include an Exchange 2007 consistency check, BackupAssist will now send backup report notifications by […]

Rsync Exchange Databases Performance Testing

In the past, I’ve run tests to see how Rsync performs against an NTBackup backup of Exchange Server – see Slide 15 of my Rsync PowerPoint presentation. However, since our recent release of v5.2.2 of […]

How to Rsync Exchange Server 2007 databases and other VSS applications

In v5.2.2 of BackupAssist, released on April 9th 2009, we added in the ability for the Rsync module in BackupAssist to notify VSS aware applications of the backup. This includes Exchange 2007. Our support for […]

How to send email reports via

Hi all, I was recently asked – if you want to receive email reports in BackupAssist, but don’t have access to a SMTP server, how can you do it? A possible solution is to use […]

The risks of outsourced online backup

You might have heard that a major Online Backup service provider, Carbonite, recently lost the backups of 7,500 customers. They then tried to sue Promise, the manufacturer of their RAID controllers, for the data loss. […]

New video demonstrates centralized backup monitoring console

Hi all, A few days ago, I recorded a demonstration of our Centralized Monitoring Console. We’ve had a number of people interested in it, but expressed that they wanted to see it in action before […]