Windows Server 2008 Backup – imaging to NAS

Recently we’ve had quite a few people ask about imaging their Server 2008 (or SBS 2008) machine to a NAS. It *is* possible to backup to NAS using BackupAssist (whereas it is not using the […]

BackupAssist v5.2.5 released

We’ve just released version 5.2.5 of BackupAssist. This is a maintenance release and fixes some common issues, but also adds several new features that you may find useful. The highlights are: NEW: Ability to backup […]

Exchange Server Database corruption can prevent backups from completing

Hi All, We recently had a support case where an Exchange 2003 Server simply wouldn’t back up with NTBackup. The error in the NTBackup log was: The ‘Microsoft Information Store’ returned ‘Backup is already active. […]

Wild weather at our Louisville office, please be patient

Hi all, Yesterday, we had wild weather in our Louisville USA office, and at various times during the day, our power, phones and network were down for some time. We were able to handle all […]

Backup device speed testing – the most comprehensive survey ever done!

Hello everyone, Questions that we often get asked: How much faster is eSATA over USB? Are 3.5″ drives faster than 2.5″ drives for backup? How to RDX drives compare to normal 2.5″ USB drives? How […]

Other backup software can cause problems with BackupAssist!

Hi all, Recently we’ve had a number of support issues where problems have been caused when people evaluate BackupAssist alongside other backup products. In general, BackupAssist does not install any special drivers or do anything […]