Automatic version deletion – Server 2008 block level backup (wbadmin) – how does it work?

We’ve recently had a few questions about the auto-delete functionality in Windows Server 2008 Backup. As described in my article on Windows Server Backup, it deletes old versions of backups as required. However, we’ve had […]

Notes on Rsync Server scalability for hosting backup data

Hi everyone, Many of you who run our own I.T. consulting practice have been interested in hosting your clients’ data. In fact, over the last month, we’ve discovered that many of you have already tested […]

QNAP devices behind firewalls – Rsync backup problems

Hi all, We’ve been working with some of our partners on using the QNAP NAS devices (detailed in our Rsync NAS Hardware Compatibility List) as an offsite data host. We’ve had reports that some firewalls […]

BackupAssist on Server Core and Hyper-V Server

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released an installer for Server Core and Hyper-V Server. These operating systems require several prerequisites to be installed, so the download package is a little larger than the standard […]

SBS 2008 – Exchange log truncation

UPDATE: Exchange 2007 backup on Server 2008 is now possible thanks to a plug-in released with BackupAssist v5.2. Find out more. Hi all, A follow-up to my previous blog about SBS 2008 imaging backups and […]

Mailbox exporting – new feature for Notes, Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Hi world, Thanks to an excellent suggestion of one of our resellers, we’ve included in our latest release (v5.1.2) a feature that allows you to export all Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Journal (and any other specified […]