Windows Rsync Server Package – being developed

Hi all, There’s been quite some interest in our Rsync Engine in BackupAssist – which is a great way of sending data offsite in a bandwidth efficient way: It allows you to backup to […]

How to improve your backup performance

Need to improve backup performance? The following registry settings changes can drastically reduce the time it takes to perform a backup of your system. reg add “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\NTBackup\Backup Engine” /v “Logical Disk Buffer Size” /t REG_SZ […]

File Replication Single Instance Store – how it works

Hi all, We’ve had a few questions about how our Single Instance Store works in our File Replication Engine, so I thought I’d describe how it works. The trick is because it’s transparent, it can […]

Howto – configure a Drobo / DroboShare as an Rsync Server for remote, internet backups

Hello all – after an hour of fun and experimentation, we figured out how to configure a Drobo device with DroboShare as a Rsync server. I hope these instructions will save hours of headaches as […]

BackupAssist v5.1 beta 3 released

Hi all, Today we released beta3 of our Rsync engine – which allows you to easily run Rsync on Windows. This will most likely be the final beta, and there are the following enhancements: New […]

Windows Server 2008 Core Backup

Hi all, I’ve had a few questions recently about BackupAssist running on Windows Server 2008 Core. After some experimentation, I managed to get it all working and it was successfully running image backups and sending […]