Baremetal SBS restore to ESXI 4.1

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Baremetal SBS restore to ESXI 4.1

Postby waldon » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:38 pm

I am in the process of visualizing (P2V) SBS2008 on a HP ML350G6 server (Same physical).
ESXI 4.1 is up and running same size disks as the physical server - however I can't setup the C drive (RAID1 - 147 SAS drive) to the same size as the physical as ESXI wont allow it (Just won't boot the VM - not enough storage on drive).
So I shrunk the "C" drive to 111Gig - did a image backup - created the VM and booted the SBS2008 disk and tried a recovery - and I got a error message of something like "image is larger than the reported BIOS settings for the target drive"
Hopefully there's a way around it than just purchasing larger SAS drives?
Any advice would be very handy!

I have done testing but it was always to a larger drive in ESXI.

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