rSync fails provider veto

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rSync fails provider veto

Postby vgsadvies » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:36 pm

Remote is a freenas box with rSync server installed. Locally the is a Windows 2003 server and a frenas device with iSCSI connected to the server.
Normal BackupAssist backups to the freenas locally run without problems. To the local freenas we also make mailbox backup every day.
The rSync data backup (from Windows server to remote freenas) runs fine.
The rSync of the mailbox backup files from the local freenas (mapped as a iSCSI drive on the server) to the remote freenas fails with following error :

BA904 Volume Shadow Copy Error 0x80042306 - provider veto
Volume Shadow Copy Error 0x80042306 - provider veto

I've read the help file. Checked everything and even re installed COM. Nothing helps.
Sometimes when I reregister the dll's it runs ones.

Help is appreciated.


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