Moving old backups

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Moving old backups

Postby iamstewart » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:52 pm


We do daily SiS backups to different disks with BackUpAssist 6.2.6 but are slowly getting to the drive size limit.

I want to move the older backups to a single, larger disk to make some room. However, I'm having trouble getting my head around how this will work with SiS (I didn't set it up originally, just the monkey asked to resolve it).

When I select multiple old folders and view the properties, it's adding each instance of an item, so 3 100GB folders that may only have 20GB in different files between them is adding to 300GB instead of 120GB. When this is moved to another drive, will it be stored as 300GB or 120GB? How will this effect future backups when the original instance of a file is missing, will it just re back them up and fill in all the empty space? Replication mode is set to backup with history, and the option 'use all available space - delete old backups as necessary' is selected.

Is there an easier way to move older backups from a drive without them just being re-backed up on the next job?

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