SQL Backups - advice?

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SQL Backups - advice?

Postby hotwired » Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:21 pm

I'm trying to setup a backup from my SQL server to my BACKUP server, it needs to be backed up every 15min. I also need to have it backing up to the BACKUP server, at the moment the BA SQL whitepaper recomends that the backup is run to a shared folder on the SQL server, if i leave it like this if the SQL server fails i will loose the backups too.

Whats the recommendation for having this backup running so that they are saved on a separate server? i have tried getting it to work with a shared folder on the backup server but having no luck even when the share is set to allow anyone to have full access to the folder.

the SQL Server is WS2003/SQL 2005 and the Backup server is WS2003. The BA server is on a domain but the SQL server is stand-alone.
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