Problem with SQL backup to NAS

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Problem with SQL backup to NAS

Postby alpha » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:31 am

Hello, here is the situation:

Windows Server 2008 R2 with Backup Assist 6.3.0 + SQL add-on
Two SQL backup job: one take care of db on the same server where is installed backup assist and the other take care of another sql server on the lan.

The destination folder where i want to put the backup is on a NAS. Since i can't specify the credential login when i setup the destination folder, i put those information in Settings->Network paths: i've surfed trough the network tree until i reach the NAS and i've selected the shared folder on the NAS.

After finishing all the configuration I launch one of the two backup jobs (the problem is on both) and backup assist won't complete the process giving me this error:
(the additional information line is in italian and says "Access Error: user or password not valid")


i'm sure on the NAS user/passwords beacuse is the same that I use when surf trough 'My computer'. I've even copied and pasted user and password just to be sure but the problem always occur.

If I put as destination folder, a local folder of the server, everything works fine on both backup jobs.

How can I resolve the problem with the destination folder on NAS?

Thank you.
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