Pruning old catalogue files

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Pruning old catalogue files

Postby Amyd80 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:37 pm

After a succesful testing period, we have just bought two BackupAssist licenses and everything is working fine, except for one issue.

One of the servers backs up nightly a relatively large volume (~12 TB and about 2.5 million files) via file replication. Unfortunately the same server was configured with a small boot/system disk partition (12 GB) and BA seems to like to save its catalogues on the system partition as well as on the target volume. Since these catalogues are around 55 MB, it is quickly filling up my system drive, and will soon run out of space.

Can I delete older catalogue files from the BackupAssist v6\catalogues\ folder without repercussions in terms of point-in-time restoring? Will this confuse BA in any way? Is there any setting to change the folder where BA saves the catalogues? Unfortunately the one thing we can't do right now is repartition the system partition - we can't afford the downtime.

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