Facility job with NFS share

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Facility job with NFS share

Postby svezi » Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:20 pm

Good day all together
I'm new to this forum and unfortunately have a problem with NFS shares.

I'm using the latest version (demo) and try to replicate a data set an NFS shares.

The target point can I use if I'm right or a NFS shares?

My input on network drive
Server Name:
Path: / data / store

User Password I can agree to exclude

When connecting I get the following message on the target server

backup mountd [3091]: refused mount request from for / data (/): not exported

As it seems to me he wants to connect to a Windows share, because the syntax is wrong.

I've been with

/ data / store
/ / data / store
\ data / store
\ \ data \ store

tried everything without success.

What is the proper syntax of u to connect to an NFS share

Who can help me

thank you
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