RSYNC - rebooting host server causes remote backups to fail

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RSYNC - rebooting host server causes remote backups to fail

Postby tcgcisco » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:07 am

We have a centrally located "big gun" server that we call the HOST server. Running Windows Server 2008 with all the latest patches and updates.
This server has the official BackupAssist cwRsyncServer_4.1.0 installed.

We have several satellite servers running Windows Server 2008 (with all the latest patches and updates) running Backup Assist 6.2.4r1. Each night these servers backup a few folders to the host using Backup Assist.

Whenever we reboot the "host" computer (which is about once a month for updates/patches/maintenance) the satellites can no longer connect. The ugly workaround I use is to reinstall cwRsyncServer on the host, then at the satellites recreate the backup jobs. Right now I only have 3 satellite locations so that doesn't take very long, but I will be adding 6 more and that will be painful!

The error I get on the satellite servers is:
Error: Process RSYNC Error/Warning: BA3302 Could not establish connection

When I try to "register with server" from the satellites it fails with this message:
BackupASsist - Rsync registration
Could not create directory '/home/myusername/.ssh'.
Connection closed by 152.x.x.x (my server IP)

I checked the HOST
Service Openssh SSHD status is STARTED, startup type Automatic
Service RsyncServer status is blank, startup type Manual
(this seems normal)

COPSSH Control Panel shows service is RUNNING
I have tried stopping/starting the COPSSH from the COPSSH control panel.

Any suggestions?

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