Another weird Reports issue

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Another weird Reports issue

Postby JBShope » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:03 am


When I go under "Reports" and open each individual job report (43 of them total from this latest test install of BA), at the bottom of each report is a section labeled "Backup files residing on HDD - G:\" and then a list of the dates and times on that disk. EXCEPT For some reason yesterday's scheduled backup at 6pm and today's scheduled backup at 10am are missing this section completely. However, the backup that occurred between those two last night at 10pm DOES have this section.

This may be related to my post just prior to this about "Missing Reports??" where you see I can't even check four of the backups that occurred because they are missing entirely from the "Reports" section.

I'm sending the latest info to support using BA's built in system right now.

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