unable to re-activate license

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unable to re-activate license

Postby matteob » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:21 pm


we purchased Backupassist software in April 2010 (D.I.MAR. srl), along with the following addons:
- BackupAssist Zip-to-Tape Add-on for BackupAssist v5
- BackupAssist SQL Server Add-on v5
- BackupAssist Advanced Open Files Add-on v5

The last few backups have shown an error stating the licence has expired.
I checked the ba built-in license page and it shows the BackupAssist license: License period expired. The Addons license are activated but without the main license i can't run my backups
I tried remove the cortex.license files and to re-start the ba service but when i try to activate the license the software tell me

BackupAssist -
No more activations are allowed for the product key you are trying to activate.
Please deactivate it and then try again.
Please contact sales@backupassist.com for further assistance.

I am not aware of any time limit on this licence and we need to get this fixed asap so we can run all the backups.

Thank You

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