Problem backing up Hyper-V vhd - Error [0x80070015] The devi

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Problem backing up Hyper-V vhd - Error [0x80070015] The devi

Postby t0o » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:50 pm

I am trying to set up backup of our virtualization host. Host have 2 SCSI Cheetah 15K drives, 136GB each, with assigned letters C (system) and D (VM HDD).
Daily backup task I created ( BA 5.4.8 ) is set up to backup both C and D, "Activate Hyper-V VSS Writer" is checked, all paths shown in details are checked in backup (none are in exclusions list). "Backup local system state" is checked as well.

Backup runs fine through C:\, yet it consistently fails on D:\, error log contains:

Error in backup of D:\WS2k8SBS1.vhd during read: Error [0x80070015] The device is not ready.

Could somebody point me to the right direction what might cause such problem ? Thanks.
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Re: Problem backing up Hyper-V vhd - Error [0x80070015] The

Postby t0o » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:59 pm

To complete the question, following are the list of backup files and contents of BackupSpecs.xml. Interesting to note is that 246417cb-d258-11e1-ad20-806e6f6e6963.vhd which is probably a backup file of VHD file, consumes about 30GB. VHD is static 135GB.


Code: Select all
25/07/2012  08:55    <DIR>          ..
25/07/2012  02:25    90,516,580,864 246417ca-d258-11e1-ad20-806e6f6e6963.vhd
25/07/2012  03:01    30,160,494,592 246417cb-d258-11e1-ad20-806e6f6e6963.vhd
25/07/2012  03:00             1,078 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_AdditionalFilesc3b9f3c7-5e52-4d5e-8b20-19adc95a34c7.xml
25/07/2012  03:01            19,374 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Components.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             5,500 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_RegistryExcludes.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             3,138 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer0bada1de-01a9-4625-8278-69e735f39dd2.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,196 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer4969d978-be47-48b0-b100-f328f07ac1e0.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             2,184 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer4dc3bdd4-ab48-4d07-adb0-3bee2926fd7f.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,488 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer542da469-d3e1-473c-9f4f-7847f01fc64f.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             3,054 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,628 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writer75dfb225-e2e4-4d39-9ac9-ffaff65ddf06.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,484 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writera6ad56c2-b509-4e6c-bb19-49d8f43532f0.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             3,844 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writerafbab4a2-367d-4d15-a586-71dbb18f8485.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             6,696 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writerbe000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,746 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writerd61d61c8-d73a-4eee-8cdd-f6f9786b7124.xml
25/07/2012  03:00         2,454,344 65422a36-2e37-449c-ad71-49b721f8c195_Writere8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220.xml
25/07/2012  03:00             1,690 BackupSpecs.xml


Code: Select all

    <Volume Name="\\?\Volume{246417ca-d258-11e1-ad20-806e6f6e6963}\" AccessPath="C:" OriginalAccessPath="C:" Label="" OriginalLabel="" >
      <FileSpec FilePath="c:\" FileName="*" IsRecursive="true" IsInclude="true" />
      <FileSpec FilePath="C:\System Volume Information\" FileName="*" IsRecursive="true" IsInclude="false" />
      <FileSpec FilePath="C:\$Recycle.Bin\" FileName="*" IsRecursive="true" IsInclude="false" />
    <Volume Name="\\?\Volume{246417cb-d258-11e1-ad20-806e6f6e6963}\" AccessPath="D:" OriginalAccessPath="D:" Label="" OriginalLabel="" >
      <FileSpec FilePath="d:\" FileName="*" IsRecursive="true" IsInclude="true" />
      <FileSpec FilePath="D:\System Volume Information\" FileName="*" IsRecursive="true" IsInclude="false" />
  <SystemState IsPresent="true" />
  <AllCritical IsPresent="true" />

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Re: Problem backing up Hyper-V vhd - Error [0x80070015] The

Postby t0o » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:50 am

Unfortunately suggested solution did not help.

I ensured Volume Shadow Copy service was running (and switched to automatic) before doing last backup. VSS is also enabled (only) for D:\ drive, although vhd takes 135GB out of 136GB of total disk space.

After backup completed (with an error), the Volume Shadow Copy service was not running ! This might mean it was switch off by a backup or it failed during the backup process.

I sent the diagnostics back.

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