Private Cloud destinations

BackupAssist Cloud Backup allows you to back up to a private cloud. This private cloud can be a server or NAS device with WebDAV enabled. WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol that allows clients to perform remote Web content authoring operations. For backups, this means it can be used to transfer data from BackupAssist to a remote server or device.

WebDAV setup overview

Below is an overview of the tasks performed in setting up WedDAV:

  1. Enable the WebDAV protocol in the device or server's internet hosting software.
  2. Create a folder / container in the device or server for the backup job's destination.
  3. Get a destination URL from the device or server's internet hosting software.
  4. Create a WebDAV backup job using the URL from step 3.

Setting up a private cloud server

The steps required to set up WedDAV will depend on the type of server or NAS device you are using. Detailed information about these steps can be found online and will often be supplied by your device or server's vendor.