The design blueprint - a message from our R&D team

When we're developing software, and deciding what features to put in, we have one simple mantra:

Solving backup problems
through brilliant simplicity

So we focus our efforts on creating a unique kind of backup software that:

This product tour will demonstrate the various features of BackupAssist that make it such a great choice for SMB. But before we begin, here are some of the other things you can expect from our software...

Saves time and hassles for the system administrator

In this product tour, you'll see that we design our software to save time and hassles in the setup process. We try to simplify and automate complex tasks, thus minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.

Many people like the intuitive interface and love the fact that no certification is required!

Designed "ground-up" for the SMB market

BackupAssist is designed specifically for the SMB market, instead of being a cut-down enterprise product, as is too often the case. This means that you can expect an intelligent balance of features and simplicity - and there's definitely none of the unnecessary complexity or overkill of other products. In other words, you get:

The right features at the right price!

Now let's get started

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