BackupAssist + Wasabi Joint Webinar

Cyber-resilient BDR that’s 100% effective, at 20% the cost.
A great alternative to DRaaS providing similar business outcomes.

SMEs are spoilt for choice when it comes to backup and disaster recovery software, but how many will effectively protect against cyber attacks and ransomware?

With cyber criminals routinely attacking the backups, effective protection is critical but tricky to achieve.

The BackupAssist + Wasabi combination fills the gap, offering a resilient backup solution with proprietary cyber-security features to mitigate against many automated and manual attacks.

Best of all, the total cost of the solution is up to 80% cheaper than DRaaS solutions.

Now SMEs can have the protection they need at a price they can afford!

What you will learn:

  • Who is BackupAssist, and how is it different?
  • The BackupAssist cyber-resilience model and different recovery scenarios
  • Pricing and performance of the BackupAssist + Wasabi combination
  • The difference between Wasabi and the first-generation cloud providers
  • How to get started

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