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Welcome to the BackupAssist Knowledge Base. This contains the solutions to common support issues.

This Knowledge Base primarily applies to BackupAssist version 3 or earlier. For newer versions of BackupAssist please visit

General backup information

Windows XP Home
- ensuring that the Windows Backup Utility, NTBackup is installed.

Backing up Files with specific permissions
- how to ensure that files and folder with specific permissions are being backed up.

Two Phase Backup Process
- explains how BackupAssist uses a two phase backup process to backup your data

Splitting Backup Jobs
- explains how to split your backup job into two jobs on two tapes [when you run out of tape space]

Network Drives
- explains how to use Network Drives with BackupAssist - to backup data from the network drive, as well as backing up data to a network drive.

Hard Drive Backup Strategies
- explains how to implement different backup strategies that allow for limited file space storage.

Restoring your data
- how to restore data from a backup

Excluding File Types
- how to exclude certain file types from your backups

Troubleshooting backup problems

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 stops responding
- The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service may stop responding when you try to back up your Exchange 2003 database files by using a program that uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Backup Time and System Performance
- Using the /FU command to increase system performance during a backup on Windows 2003.

Tape Drive Backup Errors
- You experience problems when attempting to backup to your tape drive eg #15050 and #15012

Internal Errors
- A growing list of internal error codes, what they mean and steps for troubleshooting them.

BackupAssist services fail to start
- eg. the BackupAssist service fails to start and consequently your backup fails.

Exchange Backup Errors and Circular Logging
- eg. Error: Server\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group is not a valid drive, or you do not have access

Timeout Error
- eg. The BackupAssist Backup Executor has detected that the backup operation failed to complete within the timeout period...

Error on a request to MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo
- eg. The device reported an error on a request to MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo

No unused media was available
- eg. The operation was not performed because no unused media was available

Unable to assign desktop rights
- the backup never runs, and you get a message in the event log - Error #00103 - Unable to assign desktop rights to launch Backup

Media failed to mount
- eg. The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted. The operation was ended.

Selection file not found
- eg. The saved selection file "Files\BackupAssist\PhaseTwo-0.bks" cannot be found.

Invalid command line parameter P
- eg Invalid command line parameter '/P'.

NTBackup Failed
The ntbackup process failed (return code -1073741819). Please examine the attached log file for an explanation.

Hardware Failure
Error: The device reported an error on a request to write data to media. Error reported: Hardware failure

No log file found
No log file could be found. This indicates that the backup did not run successfully.

Error volume shadow copy
- eg. Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:800423f2

- eg. the ntbackup process hangs and results in a backup timeout

DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_Preinstall_Directory Folder Error
- eg. Ntbackup.exe Generates an Error Message About the DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_Preinstall_Directory Folder

Troubleshooting restore problems

Backup Device Error
- eg. You receive this error when you try to catalog or restore from a tape

General system problems

SNAP and NAS errors
- you cannot retrieve a file listing from a shared drive mapped on your SNAP server or backup to this share

Invalid Picture
- the error message Invalid Picture appears either from the BackupAssist service, or when a backup is executing

Insert Office CD
- you are prompted to insert the Microsoft Office CD when a backup runs

RSM service has not started
- you receive warning messages in the event log about the RSM service not having been started.

Backup Errors with MailEssentials
- MailEssentials? causes your backups to fail.

Backup Errors with SNAP Servers
- Difficulty backing up to or from a SNAP server.

Troubleshooting email problems

How to troubleshoot email problems
A step by step guide on troubleshooting email

{{550 Your message does not conform to RFC2822 standard}}
- you receive this error message when BackupAssist attempts to send report emails.

Troubleshooting SQL Server problems

SQL Login Problems
How to troubleshoot SQL Server login problems.

Information on different types of tape drives

Notes on:

Troubleshooting Backup User Identity issues

Windows XP Authentication
Important points if you're running Windows XP

REV Drive Backups

Slow backup times to the REV Drive
The backup to the REV drive is taking an excessive time to complete

REV and Windows 2000
How to get REV drive backups working with Windows 2000.

Ejecting REV disks
How to setup BackupAssist to eject REV disks after each backup.

Troubleshooting REV drives
Steps to use when troubleshooting REV drive issue.

Authenticating to remote machines

How to authenticate to remote machines so you can backup from/to networked machines that are not on the same domain, or that are running non-Windows OS (eg. Linux, BSD, Novell, etc)

Windows Services

Starting and Stopping Windows Services
How you can use BackupAssist to start/stop Windows Services before and after your backup jobs

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