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Retensioning Tapes for Travan Drives

Travan tapes require occasional retensioning. This means that the tape is wound fully forwards and backwards at high speed, to put tension back into the tape.

Doing this will keep your backup tapes in good condition, and minimize the possibility of errors.

To setup BackupAssist to do automatic retensioning, ensure that you have a retensioning program available - there should be one on the CDs? that came with your tape drive. Certance (Seagate) Travan users can download the program here:

Please this file on your hard drive - for example, in the BackupAssist installation directory.

Now in BackupAssist, go to the Options tab, and you'll see a checkbox that you can enable to perform automatic retensioning after each backup. Then just below, select the path of your retensioning program.

Once this is setup, BackupAssist will automatically perform a retension after each backup!

Note: This feature is available in BackupAssist v3.0.5 and later

Page last modified on January 30, 2006, at 05:25 PM