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Slow backup times to the REV Drive

When you try to perform a backup to your REV drive you experience excessively slow transfer rates


  • You will find that if it is taking an excessive amount of time to backup to your REV drive, then it will most likely be the case that all transfers to the REV drive will be slow. To verify this, simply try performing a manual copy/paste of a large file within Windows Explorer directly to your REV disk and take note of how quickly the file copies across

    Figure 1: REV Drive Manual Copy

  • This slow backup time to the REV can be caused if the disk you are backing up is heavily fragmented or if there is a problem with the actual REV disk itself

  • Additionally, if you are using an external USB REV drive and you are only utilising the USB1?.0 interface, you will experience slow transfer rates.


  • Ensure that all drives you are backing up from have been defragmented with the Windows defrag utility

  • Try re-formatting each REV disk you plan on backing up to.

  • Make sure that if you are using an external USB REV drive that the USB2?.0 interface has been correctly installed and functioning at full speed, or purchase an additional adapter that supports the USB2?.0 interface.

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