Manage backup jobs

The Manage menu is used to run and administer backups. When the Manage menu is selected, a list of all backup jobs will be displayed, along with the results of the last backup, the backup's duration and if the backup job is active or disabled.

Using the Manage Menu

Manage menu

The Manage menu has the following options, which are applied to the selected backup job:

  • Report opens the most recent backup report.
  • Run starts the backup job. You will be prompted to Rerun a past backup or to Run a future backup. If you select a future backup, you will be asked to provide the date.
  • Enable / disable changes the active status of the backup job. This option can be used to disable a backup job so it will not run, or to enable a job to run as scheduled.
  • Edit is used to change the backup job's configurations. When you select Edit, the Manage menu will change and display 4 options: Run, Delete, Prepare media (if the job uses a removable media) and Add desktop icon.
  • Clone creates a copy of the backup job, and provides a field to enter a new name.
  • Delete deletes the backup job from BackupAssist.