Monitor backups

The Jobs tab Monitor menu opens the Monitor running backup jobs screen.

Monitor screen

The Monitor screen has three panes. The left pane's Job in progress section shows what backup job is currently running. The Recent jobs sections lists the backup jobs that have run. The middle pane shows the sequence of steps that have been performed by the backup job that is running, or last ran. The right pane shows the statistics for the backup job that is running, or last ran.


Concurrent backups

It is possible for two jobs to run at the same time, if they meet the backup type and combination criteria. This feature is currently supported for File Archiving and SQL Continuous backup jobs.

For File Archiving, edit the backup job and select Enable concurrent backups from the Zip options page.

For SQL Continuous, edit the backup job and select Concurrent backup execution from the left menu.

Queued backups

If you have scheduled jobs that cannot run concurrently, they will be placed in a queue and run one at a time.

Monitor options

The Monitor screen has buttons that allow you to perform the following functions.


This will force a update of the status of the current and completed jobs.


This will open the backup report for the selected backup job.


This will open the selected backup job in the Manage screen's Edit view.

Run again

This will re-run the selected backup job. A dialog will open and ask if you want to Re-run a past backup and replace the previous backup with a new one, or Run a future backup now, meaning the future backup will not run. Both of these options allow you to select the specific date.

Re-run a backup