Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring allows system administrators who are managing multiple BackupAssist installations to receive one summary report email per day instead of one email per BackupAssist installation. The administrator can also log into a central console to see the status of all machines and view reports from one location. This is useful for Resellers who have multiple clients running BackupAssist and organizations that have multiple sites and a centralized IT department.

Centralized Monitoring Overview

Configuring the Centralized Monitoring Console

Setting up Centralized Monitoring registers a BackupAssist installation with your CMC account using the credentials supplied with your reseller account. Registration is performed on each BackupAssist installation and the backup jobs selected are added to your CMC.

Opening the Centralized Monitoring Console

The Centralized Monitoring Console provides an easy to use interface that is displayed in a web browser. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to set your preferences. The Home menu will display all of the console menus.

Reports menu

When a backup job registered to your CMC account has completed, BackupAssist will send the report to CMC. You can then view the reports from a web browser. The Reports menu provides selections of grouped reports and analysis options for those reports.

Manage menu

This Manage Menu displays a list of your BackupAssist installations. From this screen you can view reports and perform management tasks such as removing installations and deleting backup jobs.

Transactions menu

This menu displays a log of your CMC activity, such as jobs run and processed, and emails sent. This information is mainly used for debugging technical issues.

Preferences menu

This menu is used to enter your regional details, display preferences and the email addresses to send reports to. Multiple addresses can be added by separating each address with a semi colon and a space, then the next address.

My Profile menu

This screen is used to enter your personal details, CMC Authorization key and CMC password.

  • The authorization key is entered into BackupAssist installations so it can send reports to CMC.
  • The password is what you use to log into the CMC portal.

Sample reports

Centralized Monitoring is able to produce a wide range of useful reports for multiple backup jobs, single backup jobs and backup related activity. Below is a selection of sample CMC reports.

Privacy and Data Collection Policy

Centralized Monitoring data is sent to the BackupAssist servers via HTTPS – meaning the data is strongly encrypted when it is transmitted across the Internet. This section contains information about what data is transmitted, how it is stored and what it is used for.

Basic troubleshooting

This section provides troubleshooting steps for common CMC questions.