Backup user identity

A Backup user identity (BUI) is a Windows account that BackupAssist uses when running Jobs that have a NAS destination or the SQL add-on.

Backup User Identity

Selecting a Backup user identity

You will need to select a BUI the first time you make a job that needs one or update an existing job to use a NAS. For new jobs the BUI step appears before Set up destination.

To select a Backup User Identity:

  1. Use the radio button to select the account type.
  2. User account (recommended) - This allows you to select a user account from the list provided. All accounts shown are members of the Administrators groups (the access level required for a BUI).

    System account - This is a built-in windows account that is used to run Windows services. It can be used by BackupAssist but you will need to check that the account has the required administrator access before using it.

  3. If you selected the User account option, select a specific user account from the list provided. You can change the domain if the account you want is not in the default domain.
  4. Enter the selected account's password.
  5. Select Ok

This account will now be used by BackupAssist for all jobs that require it.

Note: A NAS destination may also require NAS credentials to be entered in the Set up destination step. BUI accounts and their passwords should not expire.

Editing the Backup user identity

You can open the Backup User Identity screen to view the options or the change the current account selection.

To open the Backup user identity screen:

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Select Backup user identity.