Email address list

This option is used to define and store the email addresses of notification recipients. Any email addresses entered during the creation of a new notification (while creating a backup job) are automatically added to this list.

Email address list

To configure an Email address list in BackupAssist:

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Select Email address list.
  3. To add a new email address, input the email address directly in the Add a new address field.
  4. Email addresses should be entered in the form Name <> For example below: Support <>. You can, however, simply enter the email address ( if you are not concerned about who the email is addressed to.

  5. Select HTML, Plain in the Send as drop-down menu.
    • HTML: emails sent will include HTML formatting for display. Email reports in BackupAssist are much more readable when HTML formatting is used.
    • Plain: emails are sent in plain-text. Some email browsers do not support HTML so it is recommended that you use Plain for such email addresses.
  6. Click Add once you have input the appropriate email address and type.

The new email address will now be displayed in the global list and be available for any notifications created in the future.

To edit an email address

Select the email address in the list and click Edit. You can edit the name, email address and type. Changes made to the email address will be applied to all notifications using that email address.

To remove an email address

Select the email address in the list and click Remove. The email address will be removed from the list and no longer available to any notifications created. The email address will also be removed from any notifications that use the address as one of its recipients.