Using BackupAssist help

BackupAssist's help site makes it easy to get the best out of BackupAssist's features by providing the following options:


Use the menus at the top of the page to browse BackupAssist's documentation. The pages include contextual menus to view similar topics and links to helpful resources.


Search our documentation and troubleshooting articles to find the information you need. You can use quotes around words to look for an exact term, and the filter icon to show only Documentation or Troubleshooting topics.


Responsive design means you can use the BackupAssist documentation portal on your phone or tablet. You can narrow the size of your browser to preview what the page will look like on a mobile device.

Types of Documentation

BackupAssist documentation

BackupAssist's documentation can be accessed by performing a search or by browsing from the top menu. BackupAssist's UI also has links to context-sensitive documentation from the Manage job screen.

Error message knowledge base

Knowledge base articles explain how to resolve error messages, and are accessed from a backup report's troubleshooting link next to an error code. These articles can also be accessed by performing a search.