Volume Shadow Copy Error 0x8004231f - insufficient storage

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BackupAssist v3 and later


Note: This article is specific to Windows Server 2003 and NTBackup. These are no longer supported in the latest version of BackupAssist. This article is not actively maintained or updated.

VSS is turned on when you choose to backup using the VSS open file manager, or whenever you are backing up the System State.


There are 3 possible solutions

Resolution 1 – Manually re-size the shadow storage on the source drives

The shadow storage size can be checked and manually changed through a command prompt.

To check the current limit set: vssadmin list shadowstorage

To change the limit:vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=X: /On=X: /Maxsize=XX%

This will resize the limit to XX percentage size for the X: drive.

We recommend setting the drive to 30%.

Resolution 2 – Check the amount of free space on your backup destination

There may be insufficient space in the location you are trying to back up to. If there is not enough space, you could delete some files at the backup destination to make room for this backup and future backups. Alternatively, you may need to use a larger destination. If you use a tape media or RDX disks, you might want to split the backup into two separate jobs.

Resolution 3 – Try running your backup to a different destination

Try using an alternate destination, as this will help isolate the issue to being related to the backup configuration or a specific destination.

We also recommended that you run consistency checks and defragmentation on all disks.

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