MultiSite Manager HTTPS and Certificates

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager is used to remotely administer BackupAssist computers. The computers are grouped into sites and one computer in each site is made a Site Controller. The Site Controller connects to the MultiSite Manager and communicates on behalf of its site. The communication takes place at two levels: Within a site (LAN) AND Between a Site Controller and the MultiSite Manager (WAN). Both or either of these levels of communication can be secured using HTTPS.

What is HTTPS

HTTPS is a secure version of the HTTP protocol that uses TSL/ digital certificates to create a secure connection. A certificate is like an ID card that proves the identity of the host or server. A client that connects to the server (e.g. web server) has a list of the certificates and certificate issuers that it trusts. When a server sends a client a certificate to initiate a secure connection, the client can verify the certificate by using its trusted list to determine if it trusts the certificate and that the certificate is legitimate.

How to enable HTTPS in MultiSite Manager

HTTPS can be enabled for a LAN or a WAN. For a LAN, configure the LAN's Site Controller to require HTTPS and each BackupAssist installation to use HTTPS. For a WAN, configure MultiSite Manager to require HTTPS and ach Site Controller to use HTTPS.

Selecting a HTTPS SSL certificate

When you enable HTTPS at the MultiSite Manager (WAN) level or the Site Controller (LAN) level, the Select Certificate button will become active. This is used to select the digital certificate that SSL/TSL will use to secure your HTTPS communications.

How to create a self-signed certificate

To secure communication between MultiSite Manager and each Site Controller (WAN level), the certificate must be created on (or imported to) the computer that MultiSite Manager is installed on. To secure communication between a Site Controller and each computer in the site (LAN level), the certificate must be created on (or imported to) the computer that the Site Controller is installed on.

How to trust a certificate

Once a digital certificate has been created (and HTTPS enabled) on the MultiSite Manager, the certificate must be trusted by each Site Controller that communicates with it. Any computer opening the MultiSite Manager web application in a browser must also trust the certificate. And if the Site Controller has created a certificate (and enabled HTTPS) each computer in that site must trust that certificate.