MultiSite Manager QuickStart

MultiSite Manager is a standalone software solution that allows you to remotely administer BackupAssist v8 and later computers over the internet. MultiSite Manager is installed onto the computer that will manage your BackupAssist computers. This computer will be the MultiSite Manager, and you will interface with it using a web application.

How MultiSite Manager is implemented

All of the computers to be managed by the MultiSite Manager are grouped into sites. One computer in each site is made a Site Controller, which connects to the MultiSite Manager and communicates on behalf of its site. All other BackupAssist computers in the site are added to the Site Controller.

MultiSite Manager Licensing

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager is a standalone product that is sold separately from BackupAssist. There are different licensing and subscription requirements for the MultiSite Manager application and for the BackupAssist computers that are remotely administered.

How to set up a MultiSite Manager solution

For a Multisite Manager solution, one computer in each site is nominated as the Site Controller, which will connect to the MultiSite Manager and communicate with the MultiSite Manager on behalf of a site. A site is a LAN containing all of the managed BackupAssist computers.