BackupAssist 10

Below is a full listing of all BackupAssist 10 feature releases. To see the maintenance releases, select the BackupAssist or MultiSite Manager link under each section.

BackupAssist release notes 10.2

October 31, 2017

Manual CryptoSafeGuard scan option

Added a CryptoSafeGuard manual scan feature. This allows you to scan a whole system on demand, and whitelist files before any backup jobs flag them.

Faster CryptoSafeGuard scans

The first time CryptoSafeGuard runs within a backup job, it will scan files modified in the last 3 months (subsequent scans will be fully incremental). This change, along with many other performance improvements in 10.2, will reduce the time it takes for a CryptoSafeGuard scan to run.

CryptoSafeGuard grace period

To prevent jobs from being prematurely blocked by false positives after CryptoSafeGuard scans, each job will now have a grace period. During this period, any detections will display a warning instead of blocking all backup jobs, but SMS notifications will still be sent. After a job has had 3 consecutive safe scans, the grace period will end and any future detections will cause all jobs to become blocked.

Cloud Backup Throttling

Added a new Cloud Backup section to the Settings tab, that contains and option to control the bandwidth used by Cloud Backup. This setting allows you to set the average upload and download speed limit for all Cloud Backup jobs.

BackupAssist release 10.1

September 1, 2017


BackupAssist 10.1 introduces CryptoSafeGuard, a new tool designed to protect your backups from ransomware attack and prevents ransomware-encrypted files from being backed up. CryptoSafeGuard is available for users with valid BackupCare. To learn more, see BackupAssist CryptoSafeGuard

BackupAssist release 10.0

May 16, 2017

Cloud Backup add-on

Cloud Backup is a BackupAssist add-on that allows you to back up data to remote data centers across the internet. BackupAssist Cloud Backup supports Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure cloud services as backup destinations.

Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V support

BackupAssist 10 adds Nested Virtualization, Shielded VM and CSV support. Nested Virtualization lets you to run a Hyper-V Server on a VM that is itself running on a Hyper-V Server. Shielded VMs allow you to restrict access to VMs so that they cannot be accessed by Hyper-V administrators. CSV Support means Cluster Shared Volumes are fully supported by BackupAssist 10 on Windows Server 2016.

Online documentation portal

BackupAssist 10 introduces a brand new documentation portal that integrates BackupAssist's documentation, resources, knowledge base and in-product help into an HTML 5 website. To learn more, see Using BackupAssist help