Release notes overview

Maintenance releases

These releases include bug fixes and minor updates for BackupAssist as part of our ongoing product maintenance. The updates usually come out once a month unless there is a feature release that month.

Feature releases

These releases add product improvements such as new features, enhancements and improved platform support. They can also include bug fixes and minor updates. There are approximately 3 - 4 feature releases each year.

Full version releases

Every 12-18 months a new version of BackupAssist is released with a range of new features. These new features provide significant enhancements to the product. For example, the addition of Cloud Backup with BackupAssist 10.

Note: Maintenance and feature updates are available for any licensed installation of that version. Full version releases require a valid BackupAssist license key for that version, or a BackupCare subscription. You can check the status of your BackupCare or renew your BackupCare here.