BYOD and Backups, Troubleshooting VSS, Remote Access for BackupAssist & Beta isn’t expiring
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BackupAssist Newsletter January 2013


Welcome to 2013, the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese and the Year of the Backup according to our CEO here at BackupAssist. We heard about BYOD so we brought our own article about BYOD and backups, we’ve been making movies again this time about VSS troubleshooting, let’s talk about remote backup access, and you can rest easy because v7 Beta isn’t expiring. Plus the best industry news from across the web.

BYOD and Backups

I’ll admit it: when I first heard of BYOD I thought it was the name of a new boy band. I quickly learned it’s not. After some research I learned a lot about the security implications, the cost savings, the dangers, the inevitability and a thousand other things. But what I didn’t hear about was how BYOD meshes with backups. So I decided to research and write an article on some practical ways you can integrate backups with BYOD. Read More...

Troubleshooting VSS

If you’ve ever had a problem with VSS and imaging backups then you should check out our new video series. Our three short videos show:
  • How to locate errors in backup logs
  • How to re-register VSS writers
  • Running a test backup outside BackupAssist
You can see the whole series, as well as all our other videos here

If you are still having issues after these steps, contact our support team. You might even be lucky enough to speak with Tim, the man behind the voiceover for this series!

Remote Access for BackupAssist

The v7 Beta (grab it here if you haven’t got it) has a great feature included that you might not have seen. Called Central Administration, it provides access to the BackupAssist console via browser within your local network. It’s great for those times when you need to remotely access backup systems within the office (and it also means you won’t have to keep walking to the cold, dark server room).

To access Central Administration, select Central Administration in the Settings menu. In the new window click Enable central administration, create a remote login and then click the Open in browser link to start your remote session. For more details read the v7 Beta Quick Start Guide here.

You should have a look around, see what Central Admin is all about and if you come across any bugs, errors or just have a suggestion to improve the experience let us know here.

Beta isn’t expiring

We’ve had a few distressed testers call asking about the v7 Beta expiry date. We can say straight away we will make sure the latest build of the Beta does not expire before the launch of v7. Download the latest Beta here. If required we will release an updated beta with an extended running period to ensure backups keep running until the release of the live version.

Industry News

The web is buzzing with predictions for what will be big, what will collapse and what will take over in 2013. We thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and put up Infostor’s predictions for storage in 2013 alongside a look at the backup industry for the year ahead from Network World.

It seems that the Secret Service is nearly as good at keeping track of their backup tapes as they are at keeping a lid on their Columbian parties. The guys who keep the President safe day and night lost a couple of backup tapes way back in 2008 and it’s just come out now.

Think your data is important? You’ll probably want to keep it around for quite a while then. Dust off your old rock collection because engineers at Hitachi just used quartz to create a storage medium that could last for 300 million years.

We could tell you more stories about backing up but we’d rather hear from you. Send us your best backup anecdotes here.

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