BackupAssist Classic v14.0 introduces Disk-to-Cloud backups! Ensure your BackupCare subscription is up to date to enjoy all the new features and enhancements.

BackupAssist keeps you in business when disaster strikes.

Survive cyber attacks, ransomware, natural disasters, hardware failures
and user accidents with the right backup and a clear path to recovery.
Be cyber-resilient.

Introducing Disk-to-Cloud Backup with BackupAssist Classic v14.

Enhance your backup strategy with direct backup to the cloud of your entire
system, and perform Bare Metal Recovery from anywhere using your Cloud

BackupAssist MSP Program - Simplifying Your Success.

Join our MSP program and unlock unparalleled value, reliability, and security,
backed by our dedicated technical support and client success teams.

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  • Our MSP program uses the Managed Backup Console to centrally manage and automate your clients‘ data protection.
  • The business-grade data resilience of BackupAssist Classic adapted for Windows PCs and laptops - for sole operators and those working from home.

Compare BackupAssist Products

BackupAssist Classic

BackupAssist Desktop

BackupAssist ER

BackupAssist 365

BackupAssist Classic is licensed perpetually, with optional add-on features at extra cost. An optional BackupCare subscription provides enhanced protection.

BackupAssist Desktop, BackupAssist 365 and BackupAssist ER are licensed through annual subscriptions.

All products are also available through our MSP program.

Perpetual with multiple options

All-in-one subscription

All-in-one subscription

All-in-one subscription


Back up your Microsoft 365 application data including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for Business. You can also back up mailboxes from other servers via IMAP and Exchange Online.

Back up selected data volumes and applications, or entire Windows systems.

[Directly to cloud]

[Directly to cloud]

[Local storage needed]

Back up individual selected files from the local machine or from your network servers. Or back up local Microsoft applications (Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL) in full, or selected components only, to match your specific needs.

[Files only]


Recover a specific version of files, mail items and mailboxes from the backup to where you need them, including to the original location.

[Files only]

Recover application-specific data, or entire applications for Hyper-V, Exchange and SQL Servers.

For BackupAssist Classic, advanced recovery features may require an add-on.

When an entire system fails, you can quickly carry out a physical or virtual system recovery to bring back your entire system. You can also virtual boot directly from your backup for instant access.
Access your cloud backup to recover your system to bare metal or into a virtual cloud environment.


Store your backups in a locally accessible storage device.

BackupAssist Classic also supports backup to rotating/archive media.

Store your backups in public or private cloud storage - e.g. Azure, AWS, Wasabi, BackBlaze and MinIO.

For BackupAssist Classic, Cloud backup is an add-on feature.

Take advantage of your specialized infrastructure to store your backups.

Tape backup is an add-on feature for BackupAssist Classic.


Backup data in local storage devices can be encrypted to prevent your private data from being compromised. All cloud backups are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Protect your backups from ransomware with CryptoSafeGuard. Retrieve and store forensic data with your backups with Cyber Black Box.

For BackupAssist Classic, these features require a BackupCare subscription.

Automate routine testing of your backups to ensure that you can rely on them when you most need them, and obtain reports as evidence of your testing.

Who uses BackupAssist?
Is it the right backup for me?

We specialize in only business-grade backup and data protection software for Microsoft Windows environments and Office 365. Our clients are wide ranging and include:

  • Small and medium businesses (up to 500 staff),
  • Corporates,
  • Government departments, essential services,
  • Universities and schools,
  • Non-profits and NGOs.

Our software has been adopted by every market sector – from aviation to hotels, healthcare to engineering, education to manufacturing, and every type of consulting.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) also love our software because of its versatility – it can be customized to protect a diverse range of clients. Reseller programs available.

If you run mission critical Windows Servers, and are looking for the right backup software, then BackupAssist can help you become cyber-resilient.

Launched in 2002
to make Windows Backup easy.
Over 200,000
servers protected
Trusted in 165 countries
from the USA to Mongolia, Belgium to New Zealand, and all points in between.


Since 2002, BackupAssist has helped thousands of organizations become cyber-resilient. Let us help you too.