Backup tab

The Backup tab is used to create, manage and monitor backups and backup jobs. The options available are accessed from the Backup tab's Home page.

Backup tab

Create a New Backup Job

This selection is used to create backup jobs. Below is an overview of the backup types available and what they can be used for.

Create new job

Manage Backup Jobs

This option allows you to manually run backup jobs and edit a backup job's configurations. To learn more, see Manage : Overview

Monitor Running Backups

This options allows you to watch the progress of a backup job as it runs. To learn more, see Notifications

View Backup Reports

This options allows you to view past backup reports for all backup jobs. To learn more, see BackupAssist's reports

Configure CryptoSafeGuard

The option provides a link to the CryptoSafeGuard Settings

Run CryptoSafeGuard Scan

This option allows you to manually scan a system for potential ransomware, and to whitelist any files that give a false positive response, without running a backup job.