BackupAssist's reports

BackupAssist creates a backup report after each backup job has run. The report provides detailed information including what was backed up, what can be restored and information about the backup media. Some of the information provided is specific to each backup type.

File Protection backup report

BackupAssist File Protection reports are very similar to those created from other backup engines. Some sections, however, are unique to File Protection. The File Replication section of the backup report, outlines how much data was backed up, how many files were backed up and includes details about single-instance store (if enabled).

System Protection Backup Report

The reporting capabilities of BackupAssist enhance the reliability of backup jobs. For System Protection, the reporting is particularly important when monitoring the space on the destination media and the recovery options available.

Restore reports

Whenever a restore has been completed, a report is generated. This report can be viewed by opening the Files/Apps tab's Reports menu. The Date, Name and Status columns can be used to sort the reports.