System Recovery

The recovery process is designed to recover a server to a previous operating state, in the event of a hardware or operating system failure. The recovery process will begin by starting your computer using a Bootable RecoverAssist Media or a Bootable Backup Media. The process will then load a recovery environment, which you can use to select the location of the backup to be used, and to start the recovery.

Recovery process

The following steps explain how to perform a recovery.

  1. Attach the bootable media to the server
  2. Connect /insert the Bootable RecoverAssist Media or the Bootable Backup Media to the system that is to be recovered.

  3. Start the server
  4. Your computer should detect the bootable media and begin the boot process. Understanding the boot process can assist if a problem is encountered.

  5. Make your RecoverAssist selections
  6. After the system has started, you will see a progress bar or a blank screen then a Windows logo, depending on the operating system being recovered. Then the RecoverAssist recovery environment will load.

  7. Select an image backup
  8. When you select a Recover from a backup located on ... option, RecoverAssist will scan the selected location (local drive, network share or iSCSI target) for image backups.

  9. Start the recovery
  10. Once you have selected your image backup, click Next and you will be presented with the Re-image your computer dialog. Click Next, and follow the prompts to start the recovery.

Disaster Recovery resources

BackupAssist's blog includes Disaster Recovery related articles that explain best practices and advice on how to make the most of BackupAssist in your disaster recovery process.